While in school, college and university, I learnt lessons that were taught by others. Out in the world, after my university education, (by choice) I started teaching English Language and Literature for Pre-university and Degree students ; enjoyed sharing knowledge and wisdom that I had gained over the years. Though 'This' knowledge that I was sharing with my students, was shared by others through their creations, Masterpieces, by and by the Act of sharing created something within me. I discovered I was co-creating 'this ' knowledge and experience. This process went on for 15 years and at one point in my life, I felt I should continue to share with more and more people, may be with millions of people, ' That' which makes a Difference in their life and Adds value, immeasurably, for their HEALTH, WELLBEING, BODY, MIND, SOUL & LIFESTYLE! That's when the birth of Stayfit Magazine happened! Ably supported by committed health- care Professionals, Nutritionists, accomplished & inspiring Humanitarians, the 'work' of Stayfit Magazine, beautifully designed & packaged, has been reaching millions of people across India and beyond. It's been an honour to be at the helm, as the Editor of this great Magazine and I am loving it!


From Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Feature Writers, on HEALTH, FITNESS, WELLNESS, NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE - related issues for publication in STAYFIT Magazine. You can reach me at: editor@stayfitmagazine.com.

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